Help us keep local heroes in the air

Last year, the RACQ Choppers and Rescue Network helped more than 6500 sick and injured patients in some of the remotest parts of our state. And they couldn’t have done it without you, our members. 

We’re a mutual organisation, which means every decision we make is to benefit our members and their communities. That’s how we’ve been able to keep the RACQ Choppers in the air for over 25 years.  

So whether the RACQ Choppers and Rescue Network are responding to medical emergencies on rural properties, attending car crashes, performing search and rescue missions or conducting inter-hospital patient transfers, your support is what makes that flight possible. That’s the difference your membership makes.  

In FY22, the RACQ Choppers and Rescue Network: 

  • Flew close to 3000 missions across Queensland 
  • Spent 6,535 hours flying, undertaking an average of 8 missions per day 
  • Provided support to more than 240 motor vehicle accidents in Queensland 

For more details on these statistics, see the For the Greater Good – FY22 Report. 

We’re proud to sponsor three air rescue networks

racq capricorn helicopter
RACQ Capricorn Rescue
Covering St Lawrence down south to Agnes Water

Based in Rockhampton, RACQ Capricorn Rescue flew 462 missions in FY22.
RACQ CQ Rescue
Covering Bowen down south to St Lawrence

Servicing an area four times the size of Tasmania, RACQ CQ Rescue completed 588 missions in 2021.
RACQ LifeFlight Rescue
More than 74,000 critical rescue missions since 1979

LifeFlight Rescue is a 24-hour flying intensive care unit fully equipped to retrieve patients from anywhere in Australia.

Other ways RACQ is looking after Queensland communities

RACQ Foundation
The RACQ Foundation approved $3.6 million in funding for clubs and community groups in the last financial year.^
Local Giving program
The RACQ Local Giving Program donated $21,207 to 41 community groups in the last financial year.^
Mobile Member Centre
The Mobile Member Centre is an RACQ store on wheels. We meet our members in times of emergency with on-the-spot help and claim lodgment.
RACQ advocates for making life in Queensland safer, more sustainable, and more affordable. 

Things to note

^Figures based on 2021 statistics. See the 2020-2021 RACQ Foundation Annual Review for more details.