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Get the right battery and hit the road with the help of our mobile battery replacement team. Our qualified professionals can attend most areas of Queensland to install and test high performance batteries on the spot - and they’ll usually arrive within the hour.

We offer a 48-hour battery satisfaction guarantee#, an Australia-wide warranty on batteries, and free battery recycling. It's easy to get back up and running when you call on RACQ.

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If you need emergency roadside assistance, simply request help online or via the RACQ Roadside Assistance app. If you're in a critical situation where a person or animal is locked in your car or your car is in a dangerous location, please call 13 1111.

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If you don't have Roadside Assistance and decide to purchase at the time of breakdown or when you need immediate assistance, we can still help you.

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RACQ Car Battery ratings and warranties

Whether you’re an avid four-wheel driver or you zip around town in a hatchback, you don't have to worry about your new battery failing - it’s covered by an RACQ warranty. Check out our battery terms and conditions for more information.

Battery rating  Heavy duty batteries Premium batteries 
 Warranty (private use - see full T&Cs)  up to 24 months  up to 36 months
 Warranty (commercial use)  up to 12 months  up to 12 months
 Warranty (taxis, limousines, courier vehicles)  up to 6 months  up to 6 months

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Use our handy online tool to find the right battery for your vehicle in seconds.
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Recycle your automotive, marine, and deep cycle batteries at no cost with RACQ.

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Battery adventure packs
Use our handy online tool to find the right battery for your vehicle in seconds.
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Get a reliable, long-lasting marine or deep cycle battery for your boat or jet ski.
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Take to the open road with a maintenance-free, durable AGM battery.

Car battery replacement FAQs

Things to note

#Please refer to our battery terms and conditions for full product information including what you can claim under warranty

*Battery finder tool terms and conditions:

  • Every effort has been made to present accurate data which is obtained from various automobile manufacturers and unpublished information sources. While RACQ believes these information sources to be reliable and have taken reasonable precautions in their compilation, RACQ does not assume responsibility for any inaccuracies. RACQ reserves the right to change specifications without notice
  • RACQ will use reasonable endeavors to deliver the battery to you within one hour after you request a mobile battery replacement service. However, there may be circumstances in which it is not possible for RACQ to deliver the battery to you within this timeframe. Including circumstances beyond RACQ’s control, limited battery stock availability and battery stock location.
  • RACQ has made all reasonable efforts to ensure the data presented is accurately compiled and is obtained from various reputable and unbiased manufacturers and unpublished information sources.
  • RACQ does not assume responsibility for any inaccuracies in the presented information, where it is sourced in the above manner.
  • Where a recommendation has been made, that recommendation is made based on the information you provide. RACQ takes no responsibility for any loss you incur from reliance on a recommendation, where that recommendation is based on incorrect information.
  • If your vehicle is a “start/stop” vehicle, then the appropriate battery type must be fitted. RACQ only fit EFB and AGM battery types to these vehicles.
  • Any recommendation of battery type and price will be subject to final confirmation by the attending RACQ Patrol or by an Approved Battery Stockist; RACQ reserves the right to change recommended specifications based on their assessment.