Find out what your RACQ Roadside Assistance covers

Roadside assistance is your safety net for vehicle breakdowns. With a roadside assistance policy, if you get stuck on the road anywhere in Australia, we’ll send out a patrol to help you get up and running again. RACQ has Queensland’s largest network of roadside assistance vehicles, and we have agreements with leading interstate roadside assistance providers so that you can get quick help with just a click, tap, or call.

What does RACQ Roadside Assistance include?

RACQ has been helping travellers for over 117 years, which means we have a pretty good idea of the types of vehicle breakdown you’re likely to experience. We cover all the major problems including:

  • battery
    Flat batteries
    If your battery is flat, we'll provide you with a jumpstart or organise a replacement battery at your cost.
  • tow-truck
    If your vehicle can't be mobilised, we’ll provide complimentary towing up to your service limits. Size and weight limits apply.
  • fuel-pump
    Emergency fuel
    If you run out of fuel, we'll deliver enough unleaded or diesel fuel to get you to a fuel supplier (usually 10 litres) up to your service limits. Who pays for the fuel will depend on your level of cover.
  • car-keys
    If you lock your keys inside your vehicle, we’ll attend and open your vehicle. If you need to replace keys or fix locks, we’ll arrange a locksmith. Who pays for the locksmith will depend on your level of cover.
  • Tick
    Tyre changing
    If you’ve got a flat tyre, we’ll help you fit your car’s roadworthy spare tyre.
  • Tick
    Electric vehicle assistance
    If your electric vehicle runs out of charge, we’ll provide charge top-up to enable the vehicle to be driven to the nearest accessible charging station if in range (where available). Or we’ll tow it to an accessible charging station or your destination in line with your entitlements.
  • Tick
    Caravan and trailer assistance
    If your vehicle is immobilised, we’ll provide towing for your caravan or trailer within your service entitlements. If your caravan or trailer has broken down, and your vehicle is still mobile, RACQ will tow the caravan or trailer. Who pays for caravan/trailer towing will depend on your level of cover.
  • Tick
    Bogged vehicles
    If your vehicle can be accessed from a constructed road or driveway, we’ll help you recover it. 

What doesn’t roadside assistance cover?

RACQ Roadside Assistance is a service designed to cover eligible vehicles^ for the most common breakdown issues. There are, however, certain types of vehicles that we can’t provide towing or roadside services to. These include:

  • Vehicles over 6 tonnes GVM1 (Gross Vehicle Mass) and/or vehicles over 3.3m in height
  • Trucks, buses, and other heavy vehicles that exceed the size limitations
  • Rental vehicles
  • Vehicles offered for sale by a licensed motor vehicle dealer
  • Unregistered vehicles or vehicles on a day registration permit
  • Registered & unregistered tractors & farm equipment
  • Vehicles being used or tested in preparation for racing, trial, speed or hill climbing test, or being used on a race track for any purpose
To get a better idea of the weight and height restrictions we have in place, take a look at our roadside assistance terms and conditions.

What to do if you need roadside assistance

If you’re already covered, you can request help online. Or, if you’re in an emergency because an animal or person is locked in your car or your car is situated in a dangerous location, call us on 13 1111.

If you don’t have a roadside assistance policy with RACQ and are currently broken down, call 13 1905 now to discuss your options.

While you wait for us to arrive, you may also want to check out our tips for staying safe after a breakdown.

Things to note

Check out our Roadside Assistance terms and conditions for more information on what's included in your cover.

1Gross Vehicle Mass of a vehicle is the maximum loaded mass of the vehicle as stipulated by the manufacturer, regardless of whether it is loaded.

^Any motor vehicle or motorcycle that are covered for RACQ Roadside Assistance. See criteria for Eligible Vehicles in the Service limitations section in the terms and conditions.