Buying a car is one of life’s bigger decisions

There are many things to consider, and RACQ is here to help.

When you’re in the market for a new or used car, you need to understand everything from safety and reliability to the proper way to finance and negotiate the deal – or find someone you can count on to do it for you. Browse the articles below before you start car shopping, to give yourself the best chance of finding the right car for your needs.


Buying a new or used car
When you're looking to buy a car, there are so many options. Find out whether a new or used car suits your needs.
New car safety ratings
Put safety features at the top of your list when shopping for a car
Used car safety ratings
Take a few minutes to find out how the vehicle you are considering purchasing compares on the safety front
Buy now
Where to buy a car
Beware of legalities and get value for your money
How much is that car worth?
Many people seem to be under the impression that car dealers have a secret book that lists the value of every car on the road, but that's not true
Car price guide
Get a market price estimation for your car with the RACQ car price guide
Odometer fraud
Odometer fraud is the winding back of odometers to suggest a vehicle has traveled less distance than it really has
Grey imports
Grey imports can be an effective and sometimes low cost way of getting a performance car or something different, but they can have a downside
Blue information
Legal things you should know
There are a number of laws and regulations that govern the motor sales industry


Considering car accessories
Ensure you understand the pros and cons of the accessories available to you
Preparing to purchase
Car history checks
Get a history check on the used car you want to buy to protect yourself against potential ownership or financial claims
Safety certificates
Find out about Safety Certificates and gas inspections
Car finance and deposits
Choosing car finance before you shop around can help negotiate a great deal
Car insurance and registration
Find out which insurance will suit your lifestyle, and learn about registration and duty

Things to note

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