Salvador Dali’s Pet Ocelot

salvador dali pet Salvador Dali pet

Salvador Dali had a penchant for the eccentric. His choice of pet? No mere dog or domestic house cat. Dali preferred an Ocelot.

The Ocelot species is also known as a dwarf wildcat. Dali named his pet Babou and took him on strolls and even a cruise aboard the SS France. Once, Dali took Babou into a New York City restaurant and placed him on the table. In order to clam down a horrified dinner guest, Dali simply told her that Babou was a normal cat that he personally painted in op art design to look exotic. Contrary to popular belief, Dali didn’t keep an anteater as a pet, he was just photographed walking it.

So, next time you read about the frivolity of Karl Lagerfeld and his cat Choupette, remember that Dali came first with the fabulous Babou.

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