Consider the Skirt Suit

Lately, I can’t stop thinking about my infatuation with the wacky skirt suit. The kind with palatial gilded carved buttons, wicked prints, sick embroidery, shoulder pads up the wazoo and...

The Best Gifts for Fashion Girls

Finding the best gifts for fashion girls isn't easy. What do you get the person who has everything in their closet and knows all the latest designers and trends? Even a shopping fanatic might have a hard time deciding, A fashion gift that no one else thought of (or no one else has, rather) speaks volumes. A good winter coat is great as far as gifting goes. But a Rick Owens floor-length puffer is next level for anyone who is a high fashion devotee.

Unexpected Style Icon: Kate Bush

Even if you can't immediately think of some of Kate Bush's most popular songs, If you've been on TikTok lately, you've probably heard one of them. But let's face it, Kate Bush has always been somewhat of a style icon in her own right.
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