Susan Fang Fall 2024: The Culture of Cute

Susan Fang Fall 2024

Susan Fang is one of those very rare designers who blends complete kawaii cuteness with incredibly delicate, ornate and unbelievably decadent techniques. Think: a plethora of hand-knit pastels, ethereal bulbous coats and luminous beading in the form of bags or draped across the body. The first time we discovered the brand was by total accident, long before she was well-known, as we stumbled into a brutalist concrete gallery in Paris where her work was hanging from the ceiling. It definitely verged on art.

Susan Fang’s fall 2024 collection took the designer’s delicate culture of cuteness and pushed it tenfold with an expert eye. The organza frills, the puffy ruffles and the massive volumes of it all are any maximalist’s dream. What keeps the brand feeling new season after season is the impact of the collections as a whole as well as the innate statement-making propositions of every single piece. A blue coat blooming with fluffed-up fabric flowers is good with a dress but great on its own; while challenging wearability and prosing a new way of dressing.

We can only hope for the more daring of style tastemakers to choose Susan Fang in the coming months for red carpet dressing. After all, the 2024 Met Gala just announced its dress code as “The Garden of Time”. Aren’t these gowns perfect for just that?

Images via Vogue Runway

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