Vaquera Fall 2024: The Excess of Abundance

Vaquera Fall 2024

Vaquera takes conventional society to places that might make them uncomfortable. Dresses that smack you in the knees as they prance by, tops that conceal everything but the bare bust, or excessively pointy cone bras that could poke an eye out, anyone? But yet, somehow, the references are incredibly familiar (a fascination with mid 2000s Tumblr culture via the soundtrack of Text Message Breakup by Kelly; if you know, you know…. “I’ll be like mase in your face on Myspace”). For Vaquera fall 2024, co-designers Patric DiCaprio and Bree Taubensee were thinking about money, and they specifically wove literal money iconography throughout the collection in the form of ruffled tops, gowns and scarves.

There was also this: the idea of the excess of abundance. Vaquera has always pioneered the extremely oversized, campy silhouette. In fact, you can see the brand’s influence everywhere on the runways lately. But this time, the designers went to new proportions. The hips of dresses were expanded, puffed, inflated. The cone bra silhouettes made even more dramatic. One faux fur trapper hat was the biggest hat we’ve ever seen, hulking and and bumping down the runway as its own entitiy.

Standouts include the open-woven hats with pieces of black mesh trailing behind them, the famous chunky ruffled dress turned into a rosette of a skirt and top, a cobalt blue faux fur jacket with sky-high shoulders and an inflated leopard print tube top styled over a money-printed button-down shirt, the word “fake” scrawled across some of the bills. Punky pink makeup, neon dyed hair and tops twisted at the bust (a style Vaquera has been doing for a few seasons) recalled equal parts emo punk kids of Myspace and Vivienne Westwood, who was well-known for that style of shirt.

Once again, Vaquera proved that excess looks best when it’s filled with oddness and eccentricities.

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