The Review: Dior New Look Perfume

Dior New Look perfume review

If Rei Kawakubo and Christian Dior had a baby together, the baby itself would smell like Dior’s New Look perfume. Clean, shocking, unfamiliar, alien, expensive, tailored, ancient, bright, eye-opening…these are just a few words to describe the recently released scent created by the iconic nose Francis Kurkdjian.

Kurkdjian joined forces with Dior only recently, and has been working through the roster of the fashion houses’ most infamous scents, reformulating the classics one by one with his intrepid and distinct style, which comes with a cult following for a reason. A Kurkdjian fragrance typically has the kind of impact and body that’s hard to come by in a world full of overhyped scents. So it’s not surprising that Dior brought him on.

New Look is considered an amber fragrance, but at first sniff, you might not know it. It bears all the mystery and surprise of something you might expect from a Comme des Garçons fragrance, and that’s a good thing. At the first inhale, it’s clear that this is a scent that isn’t tied to one gender, age group or aesthetic. It’s clear, bright, sharp and, like the name suggests: it feels very new for Dior and perhaps more conceptually-led than the usual floral scents the house typically deals in. Inspired by the inherent fashion history of Dior and the bar suit of 1947 that changed fashion, the notes are listed as aldehydes, frankincense, ambery accord.

If you didn’t know better, you might smell steel, fresh cotton, the back room of a church, soap suds and a cloudless sky…old lace and antique face powders. Chlorine, gin, catholic mass, tonic water, Sprite… By far, one of Dior’s most thought-provoking fragrances. The dry-down is sweeter; softer, leaning more towards cashmere, amber and fresh laundry.

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